Wish List

At Youth in Focus, we are always in need of various materials, equipment, and services to help keep our program up-and-running for our students. To learn more, or to make arrangements to donate any of the items below, please contact laural@youthinfocus.org.

  • SLR cameras (all accepted, but preferred makes/models are: Nikon FM10, Pentax K1000, Minolta SRT series, Olympus OM1)
  • Digital cameras (all accepted, but preferred makes/models are: Canon Powershot A590, Nikon D40)
  • Working darkroom timers
  • Working darkroom safelights
  • Digital Projector

Gift Certificates

  • B&H
  • Freestyle Photo
  • Glazers
  • Costco

Office Supplies

  • pens
  • staplers
  • stacking organizer
  • 3-hole punch
  • dry erase markers
  • wall shelving


  • Metro bus tickets
  • ORCA cards


  • Gift cards for local pizza chains
  • Gift cards for desserts, or donate your homemade specialty (for our upcoming auction on April 14th)!


  • Printing (We always have a need for printing our ‘zines, community communications, and annual auction materials)
  • Volunteer your time and talents!