YIF Storefront Seattle

Our latest reason to be super duper excited is that Youth in Focus was selected to be a part of Storefronts Seattle! From July through September, we’ve been sharing the space at 604 2nd Avenue with intaglio-print artist and antique-process photographer Dan Carrillo.

This summer our students’ 20 Paces Project occupied our Storefront window and shot images of what was happening on the street within 20 paces of the front door. Storefronts Seattle gave us an awesome write-up about the project and KPLU aired a great radio story about it.

Students uploaded their images to a computer connected to a large screen that faces the street so passersby could check out our students’ photo editing skillz in real time.¬† Students¬† also created a giant wall-sized collage of the photos shot in 20 Paces.

On First Thursday September 1st, we’re having a show of all the images and selling all the photos on display that were shot by the students during The 20 Paces Project. We want as many people as possible to come be a part of it! Join us and take home some amazing art at incredible prices.

What: Storefronts Wrap Party & Mega Sale
When: Th 9/1, 5-9pm; brief student presentations at 7pm
Where: 604 2nd Ave
Why: Fundraiser celebration for YIF!
Cost: Free to attend; Photos are on sale for $2-$20