Gear on eBay

Want to buy some cameras or great photo equipment and support Youth in Focus at the same time? Visit our eBay store to get a great deal on cameras, lenses and more. It’s all at We add new items every week so check back often!

If you have any used — but fully functioning — cameras that you’re not using anymore, donate them to us and let them live again! If the camera is a model that we use in class, it will go right into a student’s hand. If it’s a model that we don’t use in class, we can sell it on our eBay store to generate funds we need to buy other supplies for class. If you have questions about whether or not your equipment donation is suitable, please call (206) 723-1479 to confirm.


Would you rather buy photos than cameras? Then check out our Imagekind store at where you can pick up a gorgeous photo done by a Youth in Focus student. All proceeds are split 50/50 between the student artist and Youth in Focus.