Student Application

How to Apply:

  • Get an application — you can download and print a copy here.  You can also pick one up in person at Youth in Focus, contact Jacob at or call 206.723.1479 and request that we send you a copy.
  • Carefully fill out all pages of the application.  Be sure to get it signed by your parent/guardian, two adult sponsors, and yourself!
  • Turn it in before the Application Deadline, which is printed on the application.  You can deliver it in person, fax it to 206.723.2844, or mail it to 2100 24th Ave S, Suite 310; Seattle, WA 98144. Applications received by the deadline will be given priority, and late applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we receive your application, you should receive a phone call from Youth in Focus to set up an interview. If you do not hear from us soon, please call 206.723.1479 to confirm that we received your application.

Youth in Focus Student Application

Due to limited space and a large number of applicants, completing an application and interview does not guarantee admission into our program. You will be notified of class placement two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

All students accepted into the program attend classes for free and receive a full $1,400 scholarship, which covers all costs, including instruction, equipment rental, film, photographic paper, and mentoring. Classes are open to youth ages 13-19. Each class meets twice a week for nine weeks. The program’s total time commitment is six to eight hours per week. We expect all students to meet this requirement with dedication.

Youth in Focus Quarters & Application Deadlines

Fall 2014: September 26 – December 5
Priority Deadline: August 22, 2014