Volunteer & Mentor Application

Volunteer or mentor with us! To get involved, the first step is to submit your completed Volunteer & Mentor Application. Volunteers are crucial to the success of our programs, and we have lots of ways for you to be a part of what we have going on. All volunteers must complete a one-on-one interview and agree to a background check.


Youth in Focus Student Application


Descriptions of Volunteer Positions:
Classroom Mentor: helping make class happen
Open Darkroom Mentor: mentoring and managing the darkroom’s free time
Traveling Shows Assistant: help hang shows all over town
eBay Expert: running our eBay store
Administrative Assistant: administrative support in office

Right now we need these kinds of volunteers the most:

Classroom Mentors
Each of our classes are supported by two or three mentors who help the teacher to guide class, keep students on track, share their knowledge and be a friendly and supportive part of the classroom community.

Qualifications & Schedule:
Film photography mentors need to be completely comfortable working in a darkroom and with Black & White film processing.
Digital photography mentors need to be completely comfortable working with the manual shutter and aperture settings of digital cameras and be comfortable/proficient in Adobe Lightroom.

Our classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30-6:30pm.

Open Darkroom Mentors
During each quarter are facility is open for use by current and former students. Open Darkroom mentors work on a small team to answer questions about printing and darkroom use, and occasionally about using Lightroom and Photoshop too.

Qualifications & Schedule:
Open Darkroom Mentors need to be very familiar and comfortable in the darkroom.  Contact us for schedule information for our next quarter.

eBay Expert
Youth in Focus maintains an eBay store where we sell donated equipment to raise funds to buy the exact equipment/supplies that we need in class. As our eBay Expert, you’ll be going through donated equipment, testing it for functionality, listing items for auction, and packing items securely for safe shipping. Ideally, you are internet-savvy, already a bit familiar with using eBay, and enjoy geeking out about cool old camera gear.

Qualifications & Schedule:
Our eBay Experts are familiar and comfortable with camera gear of all kinds: cameras, lenses, flashes, filters, etc, especially manual SLR cameras and lenses. Ideally, you would also be an inquisitive, careful researcher, who can investigate about camera gear online. Basic writing skills necessary. The schedule is flexible — please contact us for more information.

All volunteer positions require an interview, orientation, and a background check. Our available volunteer opportunities change frequently, so please check back often. Questions? Contact us at (206) 723-1479