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Equipment donations

Your photography equipment can live again!

We provide our students with high-quality equipment and tools to release their creative voices — support our work by donating supplies today.

One of our highly needed donation items are MacBooks in good condition (and if you can donate a set, that would be even better!). We use MacBooks in our digital lab and Partner Programs, so the more, good condition, working ones we have, the more youth we can impact. Please contact us for more information regarding this highly needed donation.

If you have any used — but fully functioning — cameras you’re not using anymore, donate them to us and let them live again! If the camera is a model that we use in class, it will go right into a student’s hand. If it’s a model that we don’t use in class, we can sell it in our eBay store to generate much needed funds to buy other photographic supplies for class and the darkroom. If you have questions about whether or not your equipment donation is suitable, or want to schedule your in-kind donation drop off,  please call us (206) 723-1479!

NOTE: Make sure to gather an estimated value for your items as well as an inventory list to bring with you when donating. 

If you want to buy a camera or other photo equipment and have 100% of the proceeds benefit Youth in Focus, shop our eBay store! We add new items often, so bookmark our site!